Axfood: Promotion Planning & Marketing Calendar for Retail with SAP PMR

  • Sweden's second largest food retailer

  • Axfood was founded in 1999 and is based in Stockholm

  • The principal owner is Axel Johnson AB

  • With a market share of 20%, Axfood has approximately 300 Group-owned stores, e-commerce and collaborates with approximately 900 additional stores in Sweden

  • The company operates brands such as Willys, Hemköp, Tempo, Axfood Snabbgross, and Middagsfrid

  • Axfood had an operating profit of MSEK 2 288 in 2019

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Success Story

Axfood: Promotion Planning & Marketing Calendar for Retail with SAP PMR

Axfood use SAP PMR to manage all of their chains' promotional activities. The system lacked two important functions: support for Promotion Planning and support for Promotion Negotiation. These processes were handled by each chain using various Excel sheets or custom built Access databases.

  • Replace outdated manual processes with a new streamlined solution

  • Develop a platform that is cost effective regarding operation, development and maintenance

Promotion Planning & Marketing Calendar
With the Promotion Planning & Marketing Calendar from retailsolutions Axfood improves the quality of the entire advertising process.


  • Existing Excel documents replaced with an integrated system solution

  • Promotion decisions based on relevant and updated information

  • Planned amount of vendor happenings in line with the agreed number

  • Impact of planned promotions on gross profit and result within the budget limitations

  • Cost effective platform regarding operation, development and maintenance


From an Axfood perspective, it has been a great experience working with retailsolutions. The team has really done an excellent job and I think we would not have had such a successful result without their knowledge and skills on SAP PMR, retail and promotions.


D. Lindmark,

Project Manager


Within a very short time we have all 5 chains represented in the promotion planning apps.
So we are doing great, thanks to a well-built solution by retailsolutions and good testing by our end-users.


Ine Seidel,

PMR Application Specialist