Promotion Planning -
The overview on your offer planning

retailsolutions RapidRetail Promotion Planning provides you with an annual overview of all planned marketing activities of your company. With this tool you visualise and control campaigns, advertising material, marketing and promotional activities. The marketing calendar in SAP Fiori creates transparency and a secure basis for strategic decisions.

The innovative, preconfigured add-on is ready for immediate use. It supports the end-to-end campaign process from campaign and offer planning to execution and advertising communication including efficient analysis tools.

Success Story

Axfood: Promotion Planning & Marketing Calendar for Retail with SAP PMR

RapidRetail Promotion Planning & Calendar

Benefits of RapidRetail Promotion Planning & Calendar at a glance

  • Centralised and easy to use tool to plan and review all marketing activities

  • All promotions in one simple calendar view

  • No more Excel sheets necessary for promotional planning

  • Automated creation of promotions for execution at the point of sale

  • Strategical insights based on real-time data


Advantages of the SAP-based promotion planning tool PP&C




  • Time saving by copying and importing plans from the previous year
  • Automatic transfer of default values from previous plans and promotions
  • Use of templates
  • Transparency & evaluation options
  • Plausibility checks detect overlapping or cannibalisation
  • Budget data integration in each planning step
  • Real-time processing of planning data


  • The best-practice promotion process in the SAP planning tool covers the customer process without a significant solution gap
  • More comprehensive and integrated than the current process


  • Standardised, simple and clear data entry across all categories
  • Calendar and list display
  • Creation of user versions for different purposes


  • Reduction of the error rate and increase of the automation degree through complete integration of all applications and systems involved
  • Central processing and real-time transfer to other objects
  • Changes to master data (in SAP Retail) have an immediate effect on the relevant offer


  • Fast and easy introduction of new types of promotions
  • Introduction of target group-specific offers and omnichannel communication


  • Use new technologies and profit from SAP CAR or PMR enhancements
  • Continuous optimisation and extensions for the PP&C Add-On from other customer projects


  • Reduced interfaces and integrative approach require less support
  • Full SAP S/4 compatibility leads to reduced risk in future SAP upgrades

Promotion Planning Calendar & SAP PMR

How PP&C and SAP PMR support the end-to-end promotion planning & execution process


Campaigns and promotions in Omnichannel retail

The classic spectrum of campaign and advertising management in the retail trade, for example with leaflets or flyers, has expanded considerably due to digitalisation. In the online area, campaigns are directed at different target groups and customers are addressed in a personalised manner.

With innovative tools, you can create individual offers depending on the communication channel in order to maximise the potential of print and digital campaigns.

Keep the overview - Intelligent promotion planning across all channels

Many promotions, different target groups, several channels - an intelligent and comprehensive coordination of activities is no longer possible with manual system entries and Excel-controlled processes.

Efficient creation and communication of advertising offers requires clearly defined business processes that coordinate planning activities, advertising measures and marketing within the retail organisation.

The combination of SAP Promotion Management and RapidRetail Promotion Planning provides you with a comprehensive solution that supports the end-to-end process from campaign planning to campaign execution and communication, including analysis.

Our RapidRetail Promotion Planning tool is delivered with the following components or apps:

Activity calendar
Horizon 6-12 months

  • Captures all high-level activities, such as weekly topics or campaigns
  • In the SAP promotion planning tool, the high-level plan is represented by the "Activity" object
  • Overview of advertising-related topics and activities

Annual calendar / event planning
Horizon 3-6 months

  • Captures additional details such as advertising material, grid layout, suppliers, product group or leading product for advertising (e.g. flyer, newspaper ad) and the advertising cost subsidies
  • In the SAP action planning tool, the mid-level plan is represented by the "event“

Block Calendar
Calendar overview of all advertising blocks / offers planned in the event at product level

Block Analytics
Fiori-UI for evaluation of blocks according to freely selectable criteria (e.g. block type or channel)

Annual calendar overview

Here you see an example of an annual calendar overview of all events, campaigns, activities & related offers:

Client Review


We extremely value retailsolutions for their expertise in helping organisations like ours to maximise the return on investment from SAP CAR and SAP F&R implementation.

We are continuing an ongoing engagement with them to achieve further system efficiencies.


Kosta Ouskov,

Operational Excellence Manager –
Systems Optimisation


The introduction of PMR promotions and planning tools has optimised our promotional functions in the Support Centre and our stores. We have gained many efficiencies and are already coming up with new ways to potentially add to these functions to enhance other areas of our promotional activities. Vendors are excited to use the new portal functionality and are enjoying the immediate visibility this provides them to assist with funding allocation and forecasting of upcoming promotional activity.

Foodstuffs South Island

Amanda Beatty,

SAP Retail Support Manager


retailsolutions brings a lot of experience in the retail industry to the table. In addition, there is the technical know-how and expertise of retailsolutions, with which we were far more than just satisfied.
Through the cooperation, a considerable increase in efficiency was achieved in our company with the implementation of retailsolutions' RapidRetail Promotion Planning.


Mario Martins,

Lead Digital Corporate Development, Volg


retailsolutions really took their time to understand the business process, which means they also suggested changes in the system that would make the business process itself more efficient.

I think that was an important part of this successful implementation.


Jenny Ekholm,

Business Retail Process Specialist


From an Axfood perspective, it has been a great experience working with retailsolutions. The team has really done an excellent job and I think we would not have had such a successful result without their knowledge and skills on SAP PMR, retail and promotions.


D. Lindmark,

Project Manager


Within a very short time we have all 5 chains represented in the promotion planning apps.
So we are doing great, thanks to a well-built solution by retailsolutions and good testing by our end-users.


Ine Seidel,

PMR Application Specialist