SAP Signavio is an industry leading process management solution, enabling companies to comprehensively analyse, model and optimise their business processes. 

With SAP Signavio, users are empowered to optimize their ERP transformation and support the introduction of standardized software solutions. An effective process management model is established for the company, in which functional and E2E processes are envisioned. This enables employees to quickly understand how the enterprise works. Employees are empowered to actively participate in improving the underlying processes and to understand, analyze and improve business processes. 

SAP Signavio can be integrated into the direct implementation as part of a business transformation.

SAP Signavio Transformation Suite as a starting point in the toolchain

The toolchain offers companies comprehensive support before, during and after the successful implementation of their ERP transformation project by ensuring a seamless information architecture. 

SAP Signavio serves as the starting point for designing and visualising processes. Key elements of the enterprise architecture, such as applications, are mapped in LeanIX. SAP Solution Manager or SAP Cloud ALM are used to support the implementation and operation of the system (e.g. in the areas of transport and test management). The toolchain is complemented by planning and progress tracking in Jira. 


ERP transformation with retailsolutions

With the support of our retailsolutions process consultants, you can be sure that your ERP transformation project is built on a solid foundation. Our process consultants will help your team familiarise with the SAP Signavio platform so that you can leverage the full potential of this powerful solution. 

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