Consistent prices in all sales and integration channels with SAP OPP

Inconsistent prices and unclear offers unsettle customers in their purchasing decisions and can have a negative impact on them. By using SAP OPP in SAP CAR, retailers can counteract this by ensuring consistent (promotional) pricing for all their sales and interaction channels.  

This is made possible by using the same data for all promotions, based on the same calculation logic. This means that the correct prices can be determined precisely in customer orders, checkout systems, web shops or social media, for example. 

Seamless integration into SAP PMR on SAP CAR enables rapid integration and the provision of new forms of action or calculation rules.

OPP can provide the data in two different ways, whereby both variants can also be operated in parallel:

  • Local: The channel receives a mirror image of the promotion data and receives a copy of the price calculation service. The calculation takes place directly there.

  • Central: The channel calls up the central price calculation service for every calculation (e.g. index setup webshop, open article, calculate shopping basket, create customer order, ...). This returns the calculated prices.

The local variant is particularly suitable when there is high traffic or an unstable internet connection. In contrast, the centralised variant is preferable if faster integration is required and dependency on the availability of the central system is accepted.

You can offer your customers a standardised shopping experience. We are happy to support you with the integration of SAP Omnichannel Promotion Pricing into your existing or newly planned system landscape