Data has become the game changer of the market

Real-time analyses, individualised evaluations, high data quality, maximum security - the demands on Business Intelligence are immense. On the other hand, there is a multitude of data sources, exploding data volumes and a constantly increasing complexity of information.

The art of a BI system is to generate the greatest possible benefit for the company from the mass of available information. To achieve this decisions must be based on comprehensive and up-to-date-information. The right information for the right people at the right time.

Analytics -
Sound decisions with the right data

Use effective access to efficiently derive new insights and actions!

  • The central building block for the strategic development of your Business Intelligence system.

  • Business-relevant data from various internal and external sources are integrated.

  • The basis for well-founded and quick decisions, as well as for targeted actions.

  • Knowledge and innovation thanks to a reliable source

  • Transparent business processes enable fast, fact-based decisions - flexible reporting provides you with the information you need for effective business management, regardless of time and place.

  • Relevant and meaningful visualized information is the central basis for important business decisions.

  • Flexible reporting, planning and analysis tools enable user-specific preparation of the consolidated data.

  • SAP Analytics Cloud merges BI, planning and predictive analysis into one tool.

  • Predictive analytics: Implements machine learning to perform guided analysis using Smart Discovery, transformations and insights.

  • Access to on-premise and cloud data: Provides real-time access to SAP applications such as HANA, as well as non-SAP applications for on-premise and cloud locations.

  • Operational reporting - detailed and in real time

  • Use of modern frontends like Fiori or Neptune

  • Additional basis for decision-making at the push of a button, through real-time access to operative data

  • Time and cost savings in analysis

  • Combination of analytics and transactions - flexible report queries and drill-down to document level

  • Lean modeling through the virtual character of the objects

  • SAP BPC SAP - Business Planning and Consolidation (short: SAP BPC) includes functions for planning, budgeting, forecasting and financial consolidation - in S/4 or BW/4

  • SAP Analytics Cloud

  • More agile planning - Multiple "what if" scenarios, shorter planning cycles

  • Improve the accuracy of plans - common database instead of individual Excel sheets


Take a look at what Embedded Analytics looks like

Here an example for Master Data