Out of stock, food waste, high storage costs - with SAP UDF forecasts, these and other problems will soon be a thing of the past. 

A reliable forecast is the basis for optimal control of the entire supply chain.  We help you to generate reliable forecasts with SAP UDF down to the daily, product and location level. These forecasts also form the basis for other consuming CAR applications such as promotion management or allocation management. With the knowledge of future sales figures, you reduce the planning effort, increase turnover, and at the same time gain a secure basis for important business decisions.   

retailsolutions has specialised in retail from the very beginning. From numerous projects with customers from wholesale and retail, in the fashion, department stores' or DIY sector, we know the pitfalls that companies inevitably encounter in the complex environment of retail: many different influencing factors such as promotions, holidays, events or the weather affect consumer behaviour and make a precise forecast difficult. 

retailsolutions supports you in implementing a solution precisely tailored to your company with the CAR Application Bundle and also adapts it to new developments.