High-performance and detailed insights into model and forecast quality

The challenges in retail are diverse and constantly changing. From forecasting accuracy to identifying critical item-store combinations, optimising business processes is essential for success.

This is where the SAP Analytics Suite, a content suite developed by retailsolutions and based on SAP HANA and SAP Analytics Cloud, comes in. By utilising intelligent aggregated HANA data and high-performance dashboard queries, the SAP Analytics Suite not only enables high-performance and detailed insights into the model and forecast quality, but also a sustainable improvement in forecasts. In the standard system, there is no visibility or metrics for measuring forecast accuracy, which is precisely where the SAP Analytics Suite comes in and offers a wide range of analysis options.

Forecast Monitor

Monitoring the accuracy of specific products, locations or hierarchy elements. Supports the validation of forecast quality prior to implementation and ongoing maintenance.

Product hierarchy analysis

Analysis of the product hierarchy to direct planning to the products and locations with the lowest forecasting accuracy.

Analysis of the location hierarchy

Analysis of the location hierarchy to compare the genuineness of nodes with each other, with drilldowns in the product hierarchy.

Analysis of incidents

Analysis of model accuracy, especially across events, to analyse the accuracy of the model. Comparing multiple diagnostic IDs to validate the performance of UDF parameter settings.

Batch Monitor

Monitoring of UDF modelling, forecasting and HPR batch jobs and analysis of runtime, memory and CPU trends in comparison to each other. Enables proactive monitoring of system performance to detect potential problems, e.g. with growing data volumes, at an early stage.