Successful go live at Bergendahls: SAP POSDM to SAP POSDTA migration

  • Bergendahls Food is a Swedish family company with a focus on delivering popular food in the
    Swedish food market

  • The company conducts both wholesale trade and the stores City Gross and Hyllinge Cash

  • 3,600 employees

  • 11.5 bn SEK revenue

Further information:

Success Story

Successful go live at Bergendahls: SAP POSDM to SAP POSDTA migration

Bergendahls implemented SAP Retail in 2003. Since the solution only focused on the wholesale business (with a Retail add-on) Bergendahls could not fully leverage all the benefits of SAP Retail. Some of the significant retail processes e.g. Promotion planning were performed outside of SAP.

  • Bespoke code with impact on multiple systems

  • Quality of the Master Data

  • Disabled SAP standard checks

Migration from SAP POSDM to SAP POSDTA
Bergendahls has migrated their SAP POSDM solution to SAP POSDTA enabling them to leverage additional SAP CAR based applications.


  • Migration to the standard SAP POSDTA solution

  • Replace custom code with standard functionality

  • All the standard checks were switched on

  • Concentrated on correcting the master data instead of bypassing the checks

  • Made monitoring of POS Workbench a daily task


  • Correct POS transactions in SAP POSDTA

  • Reduction of manual efforts and increased process efficiency by using SAP to its full potential

  • SAP CAR migration project as foundation for implementing the SAP based RapidRetail Promotion Planning tool


“It has been a pleasure working with retailsolutions. When you are dealing with POS data, you want to make sure that
your partner in the project can deliver what they have promised. And we are very satisfied with retailsolutions‘
delivery. Both in terms of professionalism and technical knowledge.“


Jimmy Nilsson

Project Manager, Bergendahls