e-commerce-magazin.de - Returns: How intelligent processing helps save costs and time

Returns are part and parcel of retail - especially online business. And in the fashion and non-food sector, they are often unavoidable. How retailers can save costs and time with intelligent processing:

It is hard to imagine retail without returns. Especially now at Christmas, the amount of returned goods increases again. 

"However, returned goods mean a not inconsiderable amount of work for every retailer. They have to be sifted through, checked and prepared for resale. This not only costs time, but also money, as retailers usually bear the majority of the costs for returns. There is thus a need to organise the returns process efficiently and to support it with innovative IT solutions", says Maximilian Moersch, SAP Senior Consultant at retailsolutions, in an article in the e-commerce magazine in which, together with Dr. Amelie Winters, SAP Consultant at retailsolutions, he discusses not only the aspect of sustainability, but also how to automate returns processes and keep track of all process steps.

You can find the complete article under the link below, unfortunatly it is available in German language only.