NorgesGruppen implements SAP CAR 4.0 to optimise sales transactions

  • Norway's largest retailer of exquisite top quality products

  • NorgesGruppen is represented in 88% of Norwegian municipalities with 1,850 grocery stores and 900 retail convenience stores

  • Customers throughout Norway who purchase predominantly green products

  • NorgesGruppen offer jobs for 40,000 employees of 70 different nationalities

  • The company consists of 1,000 independent retailers and around 1,200 business partners.

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Success Story

NorgesGruppen implements SAP CAR 4.0 to optimise sales transactions

The main objective of the project was the streamlined processing of POS and all other sales transactions and building a platform for the future. The challenge in this project consisted of reducing and at the same time, rationalising the existing complex infrastructure of NorgesGruppen across their store network.

  • Rationalisation and reduction of the complexity of the IT infrastructure

  • Roll-out over 1,800 branches and the online channel

  • Short project duration, implementation within only 6 month


  • Implementation of SAP CAR 4.0 based on SAP HANA

  • Streamlining of the IT infrastructure


  • Reduction of existing complexity

  • Foundation of transaction-level sales information that can be used for analysis and collaboration purposes

  • Baseline to support other initiatives in the future


The SAP CAR implementation was one of the most successful projects we ran in 2019.
The cooperation with retailsolutions was excellent.


Gunnar Gunnarsson,

Solution Architect, NorgesGruppen