Effective use of POS information at Migros

  • Migros is the largest retail organisation in Switzerland

  • 1925 founded by entrepreneur Gottfried Duttweiler in Zurich

  • The Migros Group consists of 10 autonomous regional cooperatives with more than 2 million members

  • It includes supermarkets, specialist stores and gastronomic businesses,
    several industrial and wholesale companies, companies in the tourism industry
    as well as cultural and social organisations and foundations

  • Migros has a distribution network of 610 stores in Switzerland

  • CHF 28.7 bn revenue (2019)

Further information: www.migros.ch

Success Story

Migros: Effective use of POS information at Migros

At Migros, a vast amount of data from all transactions is collected at the cash registers. The objective was to consolidate this information, to prepare the data obtained from the receipts and to distribute it to the appropriate systems in a target group-specific format.

  • Enormous volume of data from over 610 stores

  • Central consolidation of information from all receipts

  • Generation of customer-friendly promotion campaigns

  • Efficient replenishment planning

  • Optimisation of all logistic processes through target group oriented analysis of data

Implementation of POSDM at Migros
Efficient use of the potential from existing cash register data:
Migros measurably increases customer satisfaction through target group-specific processing of the relevant data


  • SAP XI (PI) as the data hub of all POS interfaces to the head office and ERP systems: 11,000 POS systems (8,500 cash registers / 2,500 scales), 800 back-office servers, 14,000 TLOGs files/day

  • Full integration with SAP Solution Manager: Business Process Monitoring (BPM), various measuring points within the complete POS process chain

  • High Performance POS Upload via POS Data Management (POS DM): Approx. 2.2 million transactions/day; Approx. 22,000 generated IDOCs with aggregated sales data


  • The potential from existing cash register data can now be used efficiently: Hourly analysis of what's going on in the shops is now available

  • Target group oriented campaigns increase customer satisfaction considerably

  • Efficient replenishment planning through target group-specific analysis of the data is now possible


Thanks to our competent staff and the professional assistance from retailsolutions, we have managed to effectively exploit the potential of existing POS data: We can now tell what is happening in the stores every hour and need not wait until the next day.


Oliver Jung,

Head of SAP Development, Migros IT-Services