Increased efficiency thanks to automation of plant and service processes

  • Migrol AG is part of the Migros Group and a leading company in the Swiss energy services market

  •  Business segment "Mobility": approx. 310 filling stations, 15 fast-charging stations and 70 car-wash facilities

  • Business segment "Energy & Heat" : supply of fossil energy and renewable fuels for private and business customers, as well as consulting, support and maintenance services

  • Company headquarter in Zurich

  • Turnover: approx. CHF 1.45 billion (2021)

  • 232 employees

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Success Story

Migrol: Increased efficiency thanks to automation of plant and service processes

The deployment planning and order processing of the service teams for internal and external services using Excel spreadsheets proved to be time-consuming and highly sensitive to errors.

  • Services for individual customers and own petrol stations lead to a distinction between internal and external orders, whose peculiarities must be considered

  • Orders are created in the online shop or in the call center and must be settled via service orders, which does not correspond to the SAP standard

  • Orders for different teams with different services in three languages

  • SAP standard not consistently implemented in the existing system

Automation of plant and service processes

retailsolutions' approach was to implement the SAP modules PM (Plant Maintenance) for planning, execution and documentation of maintenance measures and reparations of the own plants as well as SAP CS (Customer Service) for the management of external customers.
The goal was to automate the various business processes in such a way that manual activities were significantly reduced.


  • SAP modules PM and CS distinguish between internal and external services, take their characteristics into account and allow the visualisation of tours on maps in the Divcon add-on

  • For internal services, automatic order creation when the maintenance interval is reached, then direct settlement with the internal cost center

  • For external services, quotations are created without manual intervention. After placing the order, automated planning of the service teams including invoicing

  • Trilingual, user-friendly system

  • Individual developments for the implementation of the SAP standard (e.g. webshop interface)


  • Much simpler and more efficient order placement

  • Significantly reduced number of errors

  • General reduction of workload thanks to high degree of automation

  • A long-standing need fulfilled
    ("The impossible made possible")


We always wanted to automate our plant and service processes in such a way that they require as little manual work as possible. However, we were always told that such a solution was impossible or very difficult to implement.

After several failed attempts, retailsolutions was now able to implement exactly the solution we needed and had been looking for so long.


Luca Broch

Head of Technical Services