Data Profiling - Maximizing customer lifetime value and revenue

Emarsys Data Profiling is a data exercise to ensure you’re maximizing customer lifetime value and revenue for your business. You’ll gain insights such as:

  • Where can I focus marketing efforts for the best ROI? 
  • Where are customers falling out of the funnel?
  • What product is most successful at converting defecting customers?
  • How does winning back a defecting customer impact their lifetime spend?


Emarsys takes your historical purchase data (default is last 2 years of data) and product catalogue, runs it through clustering algorithms, and makes RFM parameter recommendations for you. These parameters will in turn be used to segment contacts automatically on the Customer Lifecycle screen. This exercise will not only categorize your customers into useful segments, but it will allow you to see where you are leaving money on the table.



Once your best opportunities are identified, we work with our partners to ensure you have the best plan of action moving forward. The area of focus will depend on where the opportunities are identified. Do 95% of your customers purchase one time and then leave forever? Is a large portion of your revenue coming from a small segment of active customers? Depending on the answers to these questions, we can devise a unique strategy for your business to ensure revenue is maximized from your customer lifecycle.

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