retailsolutions is certified Celonis Partner

We are proud to announce that retailsolutions are now a certified Celonis partner. This amazing opportunity enables us to offer our existing and future customers the leading solution in Process Mining.

To be prepared for the challenges of digitalisation, companies need a very deep understanding of their own processes.

This is made possible by process mining: compared to classic data mining methods, process mining does not start at the data level but at the process level. Every single process step is made visible. This helps to identify deviations and bottlenecks that make a process inefficient. Problems can be solved proactively and automatically wherever there is potential for optimisation.

This is an enormous advantage especially in SAP S/4HANA projects. Celonis sets new industry standards in terms of process transparency, analysis effort and proactive process improvements. With the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence the system learns autonomously and makes suggestions for improvement wherever optimisation potentials are identified.