retailsolutions involved in another project nominated for the SAP Innovation Award 2019

In Omnichannel retail, customers today expect a flexible shopping experience. retailsolutions' long-standing customer Coop is now taking the next evolutionary step with the innovative project "Sustainable Shopping & The Vision of Zero Waste".

Real-time information on orders and stocks, as well as precise forecasts through artificial intelligence not only increase customer satisfaction, but also improve the ecological balance of the Swiss company through "Zero Waste".


SAP now honors this innovative project with a nomination to the


SAP Innovation Award 2019


Every day Coop offers its customers many different promotions in a wide variety of product categories. However, since promotional items are often not standard products from the core range, determining the right quantities is a major challenge.


With our focus on the implementation of PMR solutions in numerous retail projects, as well as our ongoing engagement in machine learning, we are particularly proud to contribute our expertise to the development of the Coop solution. 


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Sustainable Shopping & The Vision of "Zero Waste"

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