Coop Norge: 50 % efficiency gains by utilising SAP Fiori and Neptune across the store network

  • Co-Operative society of 94 local cooperatives in the trading and wholesale business in Norway

  • 1.6 million members, NOK 64 billion in revenue

  • 1,200 shops with 5 supermarket and 4 specialty retail chains, online shops

  • Product range: food, electronics, hardware, sporting goods, kitchen and household goods

  • The company owns the brands Coop Extra, Coop Mega, Coop Prix, Coop Marked, Coop Obs! Hypermarked,
    Coop Byggmix, Coop Obs! Bygg and Coop Extra bygg

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Success Story

Coop Norge: 50 % efficiency gains by utilising SAP Fiori and Neptune across the store network

Before the implementation of the new store apps, order management and inventory was challenging, complex and time-consuming. Business processes had to be managed cumbersomely across different systems, portals and apps.

  • Consolidate multiple apps and portals into one single point of entry for all ordering

  • Adopt an entirely new way of working

  • Provide significant amount of relevant information to users at the touch of a button

SAP Fiori- and Neptune software applications

Coop Norge benefits from substantial improvements to stock availability, drastically  improving sales potentials through the improved forecasting capabilities and  provision of accurate proposals.


  • Single application that manages the entire ordering process

  • Automate ordering and provide users with intelligent order proposals

  • Improve visibility of all incoming orders

  • Provide a view of all stock within supply chain


  • Improved shelf availability leading to increased sales and profits

  • Improved store efficiency due to process automation

  • Reduced working capital due to reduction in overstock

  • Reduced wastage leading to increased profits

  • Reduction in complexity

  • Free up time to focus on in-store customer experience


The store apps we deployed together with retailsolutions were received so well that store managers and franchisees have actually called me to tell me how happy they were with them and how much easier it makes their lives.
Usually, they are a bit harder to please.

Coop Norge

Stein Johnsen,

Project Manager, Coop Norge


Thanks to Neptune based store-apps from retailsolutions, we massively simplified inventory management, increased automated replenishment with SAP F&R and reduced costs. Stores now have increased availability, reduced waste and more time to serve customers.

Coop Norge

Eirik Borge,

Program Manager, Coop Norge SA